Turn-key Setup, Resources, Services

Turn-key Business Setup: All key components for the business are addressed. They are either provided, made available, or you are introduced to the necessary and best vendors / partners :

  1. Merchant Account-
    • Our transaction processing company representative will walk you through setting up your merchant account. We then work with the transaction processing company and get your account set up in our system so your revenues deposit directly into your account.
  2. Movie Selection-
    • The person who developed the movie buying and inventory management systems for the first major retailer rollout in the U.S. and for other regional and smaller launches will create for you a recommended buy list of movies for your initial load of movies.
    • You will also receive a recommended movie buy per week for the first 4 weeks. (If you’d then like us to manage your weekly movie inventory, this is offered as a service.)
  3. Movie Sourcing-
    • Introduced to best distributor to use.
    • Advised when not using a distributor makes sense.
    • How to purchase all major studios’ movies (legally & ethically) without having to wait the 28 days that Redbox and Netflix must wait. Imagine having movies available 1 month before Redbox & Netflix!
  4. RFID tags and disc cases-
    • High quality tags and cases with attractive and informational graphics.
  5. Location Assessment- Site surveying variables and guide to help you choose the best host locations and the best spot at each location. Different locations within the same venue can make a dramatic difference.
  6. Contract Examples
  7. Marketing-  Marketing collateral examples. Copies of what has actually worked. What to spend money on and what’s a waste.  What, when and how to market the kiosks.
  8. Operations-
    • Business planning & execution guide spanning the 3 distinct phases of successfully starting this business.
    • Forms, organizational and management tools to use for your own internal business management, e.g., a “Pilot Planner” and launch checklist
    • Movie inventory management training:
      • What to buy and why.
      • How much to buy and why.
      • When and how to thin inventory and why.
      • How the above varies relative to the stage the kiosk is in.
  9. Financial Training & Planning Tool- Income statement / P&L pro forma. Details all inputs and drivers of the business, enabling “what if” scenario analyses, and detailed learning of the business. We provide a CFO-prepared financial model so you don’t have to guess at it.
  10. Installation Services
  11. Tech support- Telephone, email field services
  12. Digital Signage- Optional- – Movie trailers and digital messaging and advertising can be played from a 29″ screen.
  13. Help Line: When you have a question, call us. Our team of people who have actually been kiosk operators who have launched and managed extremely successful kiosks will assist you.