Training Provided

DVD Rental Kiosk Business Training

A Simple test:

Just ask any kiosk sales person how the kiosks performed that they or their company’s owners personally operated and for which they were responsible. Ask simple business operational questions and then consider with whom you will be partnering.

All businesses have learning curves. We help shorten the learning curve, simplify the process of setting up a new business, and avoid making costly novice mistakes. Remember- we’ve actually launched and managed multiple networks of kiosks across North America. We made the mistakes, tested many things, and learned. We ran kiosks very profitably.

Training on methods, practices, and day-to-day tasks that will all maximize chances of success are grouped into the following functional areas:

  1. Marketing Tactics
    • You are guaranteed to have less than ideal results of you simply install a kiosk and make no efforts to market the service.

      We developed a formula for how to launch a movie kiosk business that achieved nearly as much annualized revenue per kiosk in 3 – 5 months as the average Redbox kiosk generates after 2 years. We’ll teach you the formula and provide actual samples of tools to use.

      We’ve deployed many hundreds of kiosks across the U.S. and Canada in large, small, urban, rural and suburban markets. We developed all systems for the launch and management of the first-ever national movie kiosk network in the U.S. College and business campuses, convenience and grocery stores, apartment complexes. Real experience and documented results- leveraged for your benefit.

  2. Location Placement Sales and Partner Development
    • What do you offer? How do you structure your agreement? What do host location owners want most? We’ll teach and provide examples.
  3. Operations
    • The “secret sauce” of any business, we teach the day-to-day tasks, as well as the best practices methods we devised while rolling out and managing networks of profitable movie kiosks. You might also develop good systems over time, but it will likely be an expensive education in trial and error.

      Specific functional areas include:

      • Movie buying and inventory management for balance of customer satisfaction and profit upside.
      • How to actually plan the process of a launch and post-launch business management.
      • Introductions to all vendors and partners you’ll need to run your business, e.g., RFID tags, disc sleeves, graphics design, movie distributors, merchant account setup, and more.
      • How to set up an operating business for a few or hundreds of Kiosks.
      • Kiosk Set-up & Maintenance- How to install and maintain kiosks, including common servicing procedures.
  4. Business Management Tools and Software Systems
    • Training on all industry-leading, web-based, real-time systems, including:
      • Customer Management System (CMS)
      • Customer service
      • Promo codes and management
      • Financial reporting and analytics
      • Inventory Management System (IMS)
      • Easiest to use system in the industry.
      • Robotics System Tools
      • Perform diagnostics, trouble-shooting, repair & maintenance tasks online with actual control of robotics dispense systems via web-based tools. Unprecedented, remote, web-based controls.
  5. Financial and Business Models
    • The goal is to be profitable. But, achieving profitability is tough when you don’t understand the granular level detail of the economics of the business. You can learn on your own, but self-education is usually costly.
    • We teach the business using a template pro forma income statement / P&L tool. You can create your own spreadsheets using your guesses and assumptions without knowing the business. But, this pro forma was created by a finance professional who was actually managing the details of a movie kiosk business.
    • After learning the financial details, you’ll be able to use the pro forma as a tool to play what-if scenarios in your business planning to show how varying tactics and inputs affect sales, costs, profitability, etc.
    • Understand all the possible revenue streams: Rentals, sales, advertising, sales of used movies.
    • Enables operators to present the business intelligently to investors and banks.