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Other groups selling Movie Kiosks have no real operational experience. They’ve never had to learn how to manage a movie kiosk to profitability themselves. But, they will sell you a kiosk.

In stark contrast, Outpost Retail Systems is led by industry pioneers with unique experience – They helped launch the DVD kiosk industry in 2003 in Canada and the United States with first-mover retailers including Redbox, Safeway and Hollywood Video.

As ex-operators of regional and national networks of movie kiosks, who developed operational systems and processes from scratch, we understand the movie kiosk business at a granular level.

In addition to the movie kiosk industry, another “Automated Retail” success story our Founder later helped pioneer was “Robotic Stores” as a new retail channel for major brands including, Apple, Motorola, Sony, Proactiv, and Best Buy. With movie kiosks being another form of automated retail, it turns out that deploying and managing national networks of Robotic Stores is similar to doing the same with DVD kiosks.

Having helped launch both concepts with each industry’s pioneering companies- Zoom Systems and DVDPlay, where he was VP of Retail Sales and VP of Retail Sales & Operations respectively, Pete Popcke started Outpost Retail Systems to help businesses and entrepreneurs achieve success and the rewards remotely managed, automated retail businesses can provide.

Pete’s Automated Retail background summary:

Movie Kiosks-

  • Won (and installed) 1st ever test pilots in the world for a DVD Kiosk with any major retailer – the # 3 U.S. grocery chain and the # 2 U.S. video rental chain, Hollywood Video.
    • Managed all aspects of first-ever pilots and subsequent national rollout of DVD Kiosks. Developed and managed operational systems and processes that drove profitability, including: inventory management systems, pre-installation processes and site selection methods, post-installation management, marketing tactics, etc.
    • The pilots were wildly successful, leading to national rollouts and were the catalysts for the industry’s explosion as movie kiosks immediately became known as “the next big thing”.
  • Started in the industry in 2003 with the pioneer of the industry, DVDPlay. While VP of Retail Sales and Operations at DVDPlay, the three retailers that were the first pioneering national retailers to test & roll out the concept were our customers: Safeway, Hollywood Video, and today’s industry Goliath- Redbox.
  • Recruited by Movie Gallery / Hollywood Video to launch their National Kiosk initiative. Wrote the business plan for the new business.
  • As an operator, achieved annualized revenue per kiosk within 5 months that Redbox publicly states takes them nearly two years to achieve.
  • As an operator, had thousands of in-store interactions with store managers, store employees and customers, developing a keen sense for both the tangible and intangible aspects of the business, including best practices for site surveying (understand best locations for kiosk placements), store launches and post-launch management.
  • Experience across multiple venues, including: grocery, C-store, college, residential, business campus.
  • Industry consultant. Experience with 6 different DVD Kiosk systems.
  • Developed in-store marketing tactics and training programs for in-store marketing personnel, and complete business and operating plan for movie kiosk business.
  • Financial modeling for internal use and investor presentations. Played integral role in securing successive rounds of investor funding at DVDPlay.
  • Helped launched first-ever Digital Movie Download + DVD and Bluray hybrid kiosk.

Remotely Managed Robotic Stores-

  • Helped pioneer and evangelize remotely managed “Robotic Stores” as new retail channel for major brands and as “stores-in-stores” for existing retail locations. Led national rollout of hundreds of branded stores for major brands including Motorola, Apple, Sony, Proactiv, etc., across multiple retail channels, including grocery, malls military bases, colleges.
  • Hundreds of Robotic Stores deployed including major brand stores for Motorola, Macy’s, Sony, Apple, Proactiv across variety of channels, including: malls, military bases, department stores, grocery, colleges, airports.
  • Team site-surveyed hundreds of properties across U.S., analyzing performances relative to site locations, developing unique expertise.
  • Developed ROI and business service models for prospective brands and retail channel partners.
  • Integral role in logistics associated with deploying hundreds of Robotic Stores.
  • Financial modeling for internal use and investor presentations.
  • Integral role in winning $35 million funding round led by Goldman Sachs as executive in charge of Retail Sales and deployments.

Beyond his kiosk-based experience, Pete relates well with many of the entrepreneurial people and businesses that launch a movie kiosk business. Prior to software-managed, machine-based businesses, he helped launch several businesses, including three investor-backed enterprise software startups, and a cash-flow-bootstrapped media and TV show production company with a show broadcast on NBC affiliates. His career started with a Fortune 100 corporation, where he worked for nine years before leaving the large corporate world to be an entrepreneur and startup guy. He holds a BA from Allegheny College in Pennsylvania and an MBA from Wake Forest University in North Carolina and now lives in Northern California with his wife and four kids.