Outpost Retail Services

Whether you’re an operator, investor, or a Retailer wanting to operate your own kiosks or host kiosks, Outpost Retail Systems provides a comprehensive range of services focused on:

  1. Helping you be ready to launch.
  2. Helping you launch.
  3. Helping you after kiosks are launched.

For a detailed listing of the resources and services provided, visit Turn-key Setup, Resources, Services page.

Outpost Retail Systems services and programs include:

Movie Inventory Management-

Most mistakes that easily cost thousands of wasted dollars happen in movie management. Movies are the financial, useful asset of this business and the goal is to maximize the productive use and leverage of that asset.

10 – 30 new releases are put out each week by Hollywood and the task is to select which 1-5 titles should be purchased, and how many copies of each. Miscalculating by just 5 DVDs each week equates to approximately $4500 in annual wasted investment per kiosk.

    • Outpost Retail Systems will provide two levels of movie management service:
      1. Movie selection and thinning service (Operators purchase, load and thin movies.)
        • We review all the variables associated with assessing the proper movies for your kiosk and make weekly buy recommendations (titles and quantities) specifically tailored to your needs.We also review the performance of your movie inventory (via web-based tools) and provide a recommendation of which movies need to be removed from your kiosk.
      2. Turnkey Movie Management
        • Outpost Retail Systems will work with you to implement a program that will cover any or all aspects of the movie management function.

Turn-key Movie & Game Kiosk Service-

Maybe you’re a retailer that’s been turned down by Redbox? Or, you have a location where you’d like to offer this service, but don’t want to manage the business.

We’ll assess your location(s) and discuss options.

Location Assessment-

Notice this doesn’t say “location finding service”. Respectfully, we would suggest that you know your home area better than we do. And, the reality is that if you’re not inclined to introduce yourself to location hosts and explain the service you’ll provide, well, maybe this isn’t the best business for you to enter.

However, we will help you understand what variables to use when assessing a location’s viability and even the location of the kiosk within the host location.

Tech Support-

7 day / week, 10 hours / day telephone technical support.
Online tech support.


Comprehensive training provided by expert ex-operators. Visit Turn-key Setup, Resources, Services page.