So, You Want To Buy a Redbox Franchise?

Entrepreneurs and store owners often want to know how to buy a Redbox franchise. The answer is: Redbox does not sell a Redbox franchise nor can anyone buy a Redbox kiosk.
It’s easy to understand why an entrepreneur or store owner would be interested in owning a Redbox franchise.  But, it’s also easy to understand why Redbox has no interest in selling their kiosks or a Redbox franchise.

Redbox Profitability

A Redbox franchise would be an attractive business opportunity to consider.  Redbox kiosks are extremely profitable and managing a DVD kiosk business requires very little time. So, not only is there a great ROI, there’s also a very strong “ROT”, or “return on time”.  A Redbox kiosk that’s been installed at least one year will generate over $60,000 / year. There are thousands of locations that generate well over $100,000 / year.  To manage a Redbox kiosk or any DVD kiosk business requires as little as one hour per week. And, for an owner-operator entrepreneur or store owner, a movie kiosk that generates over $60,000 in revenue should earn over $50,000 / year in gross profit. The movie rental kiosk business can be very profitable and if a Redbox franchise existed with that type of profitability, it would be one of the most profitable franchise opportunities of all time.

It makes sense, then, why Redbox wouldn’t sell their kiosks. Why would Redbox, or more accurately, Outerwall, the parent company? The per location startup costs for a movie rental kiosk are low, the labor required to manage the business is extremely low, and the profits can be very high.

Movie Kiosks Drive Store Traffic

For a store owner, buying a Redbox franchise is a natural consideration because movie kiosks are proven traffic generators in two ways. A movie rental kiosk will cause existing customers to visit the store more frequently because they have to return rented movies. And, the one thing that is sure to attract new customers is a movie and game rental kiosk. It always does; it never fails.

Entrepreneur-Friendly Without Being a Redbox Franchise

Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for new business ideas and thinking about how to start a business. So, when an entrepreneur continually sees lines of people waiting to rent a move from a Redbox kiosk, a light bulb goes off. An entrepreneur only has to bump into a business opportunity so many times before s/he realizes, “Hey, this movie rental kiosk business looks like a money-maker”.  The good news is that the DVD kiosk business requires a low capital investment, no special skills, and very little time to manage.

Because entrepreneurs are often looking for help developing a business plan and assistance with how to start a business, franchising can be appealing. The good news is that working with the right partner in the movie rental kiosk business, an entrepreneur or store owner can get all the support and training typically offered by a franchise. Outpost Retail Systems offers full training, support and a turnkey business setup. Its management helped launch the industry in 2003 and their experienced guidance is readily offered to entrepreneurs and business owners.  Its world-class movie rental kiosk systems and software are unparalleled in the industry, evidenced by a 2 year warranty.

Below, hear how the kiosks performed in prolonged sub-zero temperatures:


Movie Rental Kiosk alternative for Redbox Franchise

Sub-zero temps, no problem.

In sum- You can’t buy a Redbox franchise. But, you can easily get into the profitable Redbox business by working with a reputable partner in the movie rental kiosk industry.


Redbox Franchise movie kiosk alternative options

Outdoor and Indoor Movie Kiosks

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