Our Movie & Game Kiosk Systems

With 10+ years of experience developing and manufacturing movie kiosks, software systems and web-based business management tools, and with thousands of systems operating around the world, we offer the most reliable, best-engineered Movie Rental Kiosks in the world. 

That’s fact, not marketing hype, and we back it up with a 2-Year Warranty

What that means in benefits to you are:

  1. Your business actually works.  You’re not paralyzed by machine malfunctions.  Your customers don’t lose faith in the kiosk because “it’s always down”.
  2. Your time is not wasted.
  3. You enjoy your new business vs. hate it.  You don’t feel like you made a mistake.
  4. A working machine makes you money.  A down machine is a nightmare.


Evaluating Movie Kiosk systems and which company to partner with means focusing on real value and total cost of ownership (TCO).  Some things to consider:

  1. Engineering. Design.  Quality of materials.  Functionality.
    • Repairs and downtime kill profits.  Our focus on quality and the 2-year warranty ensure quality craftsmanship.  Our network uptime is rated at 99.6%.
  2. Web-based business management tools- their ease of use and how feature-rich?
    • The better the tools, the easier to manage the business.
  3. Training- What training is offered? What qualifications do the trainers have?
    • We’re the only experienced Operators in the industry.  And, we got great results.  You get experienced guidance to help you succeed.
  4. Services- Will you get A – Z assistance setting up your new business? What services and help will you receive?
  5. Upfront cost- What are you getting for your investment?