Model Configurations

DVD Kiosks Models and Configurations

We offer both Indoor Movie Kiosks and weatherized Movie Kiosks made to withstand Outdoor installations. 

The key difference is that our Outdoor Kiosks can withstand extreme weather conditions.  They have been proven performers in some of the hottest climates in the U.S., and they’ve easily survived the harsh sub-zero cold of the winter of 2013 – 2014, operating flawlessly at temperatures as cold as -29F in northern Michigan.

Although we have kiosks that do very well indoors, a kiosk located outdoors will often generate more revenue than its indoor counterpart.  The reasons are that it’s often more visible and convenient. 

Either model can be configured with a 29” flat screen TV monitor to run digital signage, advertising, and movie trailers.

Digital signage opens up the opportunity to earn incremental revenue from advertising sales.  The “out-of-home” and digital display advertising markets are two areas within the advertising industry attracting a great deal of attention. The constant challenge is- How can digital advertising be delivered in certain venues, e.g., grocery, C-stores, business and college campuses, residential, etc.?

Like a Trojan Horse, the Movie & Game kiosk is the perfect vehicle for delivering advertising in hard to reach venues.