Outpost Retail Mission Statement

Outpost Retail Systems mission was established to provide two offerings to the market no other companies can:

  1. Best-in-class products, systems and solutions
  2. Expertise. As importantly (even more importantly in some cases), we have unmatched, deep, specialized and hands-on operational experience in the “remotely managed, automated, micro-retail” industry that our customers are able to leverage for their benefits. We make available tested and proven tools, techniques, processes… a knowledge base that can only be developed by being an actual operator of machines and networks of machines for an extended period of time.

    Other companies will sell machines and even offer “expert” advice. But, in the movie kiosk industry, no other company or people selling machines have ever actually deployed and actively managed networks of kiosks and all the details associated with successfully (profitably) doing so.

    Our experience comes, in part, from having had the opportunities to help launch two industries with the pioneering companies that deployed thousands of “Automated Retail” kiosks.

Our focus is to do everything we can to simplify this business, help our operating customers achieve results faster while avoiding costly but common mistakes, and enable newcomers to the industry to enjoy what can be a rewarding and enjoyable business.