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So, You Want To Buy a Redbox Franchise?

Entrepreneurs and store owners often want to know how to buy a Redbox franchise. The answer is: Redbox does not sell a Redbox franchise nor can anyone buy a Redbox kiosk. It’s easy to understand why an entrepreneur or store owner would be interested in owning a Redbox franchise.  But, it’s also easy to understand why Redbox has no interest in …

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Home Based Business, Small Business Ideas

Planning to work from home to build a small business?  Better do your homework! Here’s a start at a work from home, small business readiness checklist for entrepreneurs: 1. How will you market your home based business offering(s)? Before people will buy what you’re selling, they need to be made aware of it, and be convinced of the reasons they …

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Franchise Risks: Are they safe investments?

Franchising costs and poor information can cause high failure rates. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, entrepreneurs investing in a franchise may not be making the safe investment they think they are making! Factors would-be franchisees should carefully investigate include: 1) Total costs, including upfront franchise fees and normal startup costs for that specific business (e.g., equipment, real …

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How to Increase Sales and Loyalty at Grocery and C-Stores? Movie Rental Kiosks!

The two fundamental ways to increase sales at grocery and C-stores are to increase existing customers’ store trip frequency and somehow pull in new, fresh customers. Obvious, right?  So, how to do it? There are plenty of great ideas out there, but let’s look at a couple simple ones: Selling drugs- Hey, people are addicted to coffee. What better way to …

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Afraid to Start a Company?

If fear is holding you back from starting a company, you’re not alone. (Check out the article below.) But, when it comes to being scared away from starting your own business, keep in mind that getting ahead in life, being in control of your own destiny and schedule, and having the chance of accomplishing something out of the ordinary requires taking action.  Everyone …

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Start a Business! A Cure for America’s Challenged Middle Class

The American middle class is no longer the richest middle class in the world. So say the authors of an April 22, 2014 NY Times article.  Data can often be interpreted in several ways to reach a variety of conclusions.  We won’t touch on the politics of the topic, but one thing struck us here at Outpost Retail Systems- Possibly the best …

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