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Would you hire someone to guide you on a safari who’s never been to Africa?

If you took up mountain climbing, would you buy old technology equipment with limited features and functionality from commissioned sales people who themselves have never climbed?

Well, that’s pretty much what’s been happening in the Movie & Game Kiosk and Automated Retail industry.

Organizations and entrepreneurs considering entering the movie and game kiosk business have been challenged by a reality not often found in other industries- No company selling kiosks has any real experience actually operating the business; they just sell machines.

Although advice, “expert” opinion, and bold claims are readily given as part of sales pitches, the fact is that no companies can offer experience-based guidance and help. The only companies with real operating experience, e.g., Coinstar and Redbox, don’t sell kiosks to create competition for themselves, they only operate their own kiosks.

The resulting industry landscape has plenty of misinformation floating around, with new operators left to figure out the details of a new business themselves, with incorrect “advice” leading to wasted time and money, or worse.

Until now…