Requiring just 1 – 2 hours per week and no specialized skills.

$50,000+/year = Average revenue per kiosk generated by industry leader.

$100,000+/year = Many locations generate well over $100k/year.

Profit with a professional-grade DVD rental kiosk business

Machines with industry's best durability and reliability:

  • Best machines in the industry. 2-year warranty. Double any competitor's.
  • 10 years building Movie Kiosks & developing software

Industry's premier, web-accessed Business Management Software & Tools:

  • Makes managing business easy
  • Work on kiosk remotely (Industry's only system with this capability.)
  • Machine uptime reliability builds customer trust, eliminates complaints.
  • Minimize servicing costs and time required to manage business.

An industry and business with one-of-a-kind advantages

  • Free marketing of your products on TV, billboards, print, internet.
  • New products released each week.
  • # 1 entertainment pastime.
  • Sell to everyone. All demographics like movies.
  • Independents can compete & win vs. industry heavyweights Redbox & Netflix.

Founder's actual DVD kiosk launch results.

We teach based on real experience and knowledge.

Only Operators in industry selling Movie Rental Kiosk systems.

In 3 -5 months we achieved what it takes the industry leader (the other red kiosks) nearly two years to achieve.

We teach based on real experience and knowledge.

We helped roll out the first national U.S. network of DVD Kiosks and the first in Canada, and Redbox was our Founder’s early company’s customer. Isn’t experience-based knowledge what you want in your partner to help you succeed?

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